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Do4Kidz Zoom review

“Chloe's classes are great fun! my 5 year old daughter does the zoom class and Chloe has managed to make it just as good as the real thing. It's nice and informal so not serious or intimidating for the kids and the songs are all familiar to them. The dance routines are great and not too tricky, parents can join in too (and hide in the background!). It's good to have found such an accessible class. Chloe is also great with the kids ! I highly recommend it."

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Boogie Tots review

"My daughter had been doing boogie tots at school with Chloe for 2 years now and loves it. She’s Always proud of her stickers and showing me her moves.
During lockdown Chloe has been a god send. A short class EVERY morning at 11am which breaks up the dull of home learning and while most parents take this time to have a quick cuppa we LOVE doing all of the class together. I’m not sure who enjoys it more!"

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Do4Kidz Danceworks review

"Chloe is brilliant! She is incredibly nurturing, positive and so much fun. My daughter always looks forward to her weekly class at school and now on zoom. The zoom classes have given her something familiar to look forward to! I can highly recommend Chloe's Do4Kidz classes."

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