Do4Kidz Danceworks

These classes are designed with fun in mind!

All too often, children are made to take clubs a bit too seriously with competitions and gradings, but at Do4Kidz we pride ourselves in allowing the kids to be kidz!

A chance to let their hair down at the end of a hard day at school and have a giggle whilst learning some crazy party dances and cool freestyle dance routines!

We do give those that want to push themselves the opportunity to take official I.D.T.A. Rosettes and Medals once and a year and all the pupils are invited to take part in our bi-annual theatre show!

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Do4Kidz is now VIRTUAL!!

Since being forced into lockdown at the end of March, Do4Kidz Danceworks classes have successfully transferred onto the virtual platform using Zoom!

We are currently moving into our fifth term. Classes are for primary infant (Popstarts) and junior (Dudes & Divas) children. 


3.45pm Popstarts

4.30pm Dudes & Divas

Wednesday & Thursdays

from w/c 9th Sept 2020

Dance club weekly timetable

Due to the Coronavirus, this timetable is currently on hold for all schools EXCEPT Fermor.

We will resume when things return to "normal"!

Most classes are for children that attend that particular school, however juniors from any school can attend the Dudes & Divas and D4K classes at St Mark's and Sir Henry Fermor

St John's Primary School, T Wells


3.30pm - 4.15pm Popstarts (years 1 & 2)

4.15pm - 5pm Dudes & Divas (years 3 - 6)

St Mark's Primary School, T Wells

3.25pm - 4.10pm Popstarts (years 1 & 2)

4.20pm - 5pm Dudes & Divas (years 3 - 6)

St Augustine's Primary School, T Wells


8am - 8.40am Popstarts (years 1 - 6)

Southborough Primary School, T Wells

12.30pm - 1pm Popstarts (years 2 - 6) 

Bishops Down Primary School, T Wells


3.30pm - 4.15pm Popstarts (years 1 & 2)


4.15pm - 5pm Dudes & Divas (years 3 - 6)

Sir Henry Fermor School, Crowborough

3.25pm - 4.10pm Popstarts (years 1 & 2)

4.20pm - 5.05pm Dudes & Divas (years 3 & 4)

5.15pm - 6pm D4K (year 5)

6.10pm - 6.55pm D4K Seniors (years 6 upwards)

This class is open to secondary school pupils

These times are for the Autumn term and are limited to 15 in each class, with time inbetween for cleaning and to allow a staggered drop off.

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